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Jana has won numerous awards for her outstanding feature articles for Phoenix Magazine. She’s been cited for the depth of her reporting and the skill of her writing.

7:02 pm Jun 2005

Where is My Mother’s Body?

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When Phoenix furniture mogul Terri Bowersock got the call that her mother was missing, she immediately suspected the worst. What she quickly learned, however, is that things were even worse than they seemed. So far, her mother’s body has never been found, but Terri knows that it’s buried somewhere in the [...]

7:34 pm Apr 2005

The Kobe Case: From the Perspective of the Valley Man Who Was Hired to Help Send Him to Prison

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Scottsdale psychiatrist Steven Pitt is no stranger to high-profile cases – he did the “psychiatric autopsies” in the aftermath of the Columbine massacre. So, when the prosecutors in the Kobe Bryant rape case asked him to join the team, it wasn’t a big surprise. Although the criminal charges were eventually [...]

5:21 pm Dec 2004

Arizona’s Prison Boss

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Some say she’s too soft to run Arizona’s troubled prison system, while others say she’s an unflinching ramrod with the grit to get things done. Time will determine her legacy, but already, Dora Schriro has successfully managed the longest hostage crisis in U.S. history – and in the process, became the [...]

5:38 pm Nov 2004

Nuclear Attack in Kingman, Arizona

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In 1945, the U.S. military dropped atomic bombs on Japan, killing tens of thousands of Japanese civilians. Seven years later, it start-ed dropping bombs in Nevada, indirectly killing untold numbers of American civilians. No one knows for sure how many Arizonans have died from the fallout, but in Kingman, they’re still [...]