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Jana has won numerous awards for her outstanding feature articles for Phoenix Magazine. She’s been cited for the depth of her reporting and the skill of her writing.

5:52 pm May 2004

Escape From Colorado City

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The Mormon Church renounced poly-gamy more than I00 years ago, but in Northern Arizona, a fundamentalist sect of “believers” is still playing by the old rules – men are taking two or three “wives,” fathering dozens of children and collecting millions in welfare. It’s been going on for decades, without [...]

4:30 pm May 2003

Bringing Down The Bull

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When Salvatore Gravano ratted-out his fellow mobsters and moved to Phoenix – courtesy of the Witness Protection Program – he was given a second chance. He didn’t take it. Instead, he started one of the biggest drug rings in the country and got busted. Not by the FBI, which was [...]