When I was at KTVK, Channel 3, I did a weekly feature called “Hurrah for Arizona,” showcasing things worth bragging about. Unlike the national impression of the Grand Canyon State, I found plenty of people doing wonderful things to make this a better place. Scott David and I won a Rocky Mountain Emmy in 2000 for the Hurrah on Camp Paz.

All that came rushing back this morning when I read a wonderful story in the Republic by Daniel Gonzalez about the students at Lourdes Catholic High School in Nogales, Arizona, who are part of the school’s Kino Teens program. They regularly go to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico to help deported migrants, decrying how they’re “stereotyped” into something bad and criminal, when in reality, “They are humans trying to have a better life,” according to 18 year-old Jocelyn Robles, who is president of Kino Teens.

Last October, about 20 students wrote letters to Pope Francis to tell him about the horrors experienced by migrants at the border, and to their great surprise, the Pope answered them: “Your letters have touched my heart, not only because of the drama they describe, but also for the hope they manifest.”

The students invited the Pope to come see for himself when he makes a trip to America in September. Right now, it appears unlikely he’ll come, but then, with this humanitarian pope, I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds time for these teenagers who so touched his heart.

They touched mine, too, and so many, many others and made me proud they’re Arizona kids.

So for the first time since I was fired from Channel 3 in 2001, I am saying HURRAH FOR ARIZONA!!

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