The Republican-led Legislature and Gov. Ducey have given Arizona a disgraceful budget that cuts deeply into the lives of most Arizonans and threatens the state’s economy.

In their zeal for “no new taxes”–translated in Republican jargon to “no help for anyone for anything because I’m a selfish fool”–they’ve in effect GROSSLY RAISED TAXES on virtually everyone:

–If you live in a city or town in Arizona, as almost everyone does, the cuts in state sharing means either big cuts to services the people want and need–from police and fire to libraries and parks–or a raise in local taxes. State lawmakers don’t care that when they thumb their noses at community needs, LOCAL government is on the hook.

–If you are a student or have kids in community colleges or universities, the massive cuts means these institutions will be forced to raise tuition yet again–the universities have already DOUBLED tuition in the last eight years–or it means you just can’t afford to get a higher education.

–If you are a family in need, you will get needier and more desperate because even the skimpy help Arizona once offered is no longer there.

Who do I blame for all this? Not Republican voters, who did what they were supposed to and voted. I blame Democratic and Independent voters who stayed away from the polls as though this election didn’t count.

Those Republican candidates TOLD US they would cut state government even more–even after years of cuts that have left us among the lowest states in the nation to provide any services, from education to health care to help for the poor.

If you weren’t listening, or you didn’t care, this disaster is on your head. And all of Arizona will suffer because we’ve allowed the inmates to take charge of the asylum.