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Jana has won numerous awards for her outstanding feature articles for Phoenix Magazine. She’s been cited for the depth of her reporting and the skill of her writing.

6:34 pm Feb 2007

Is the Wrong Man on Death Row for the Murder of an Heiress?

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This should be one of the Valley’s most important cold cases, but it’s not. It’s not even on the list anymore. Because someone’s in prison, Phoenix PD considers the case solved. A fresh look by PHOENIX magazine, however, shows that it’s anything but closed. Among other things, we’ve uncovered evidence [...]

8:40 pm Apr 2006

Cold Case Unit

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People get murdered all the time. Some cases get solved, and others go cold. It’s the cold cases that consume Sergeant Jack Millward and his squad of Phoenix PD detectives. Although most of the cases will never get cracked, time, technology and tenacity are increasing the odds. […]

6:38 pm Sep 2005

Rape is Rape

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Men rape women all the time. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most heinous crimes in society, which is why rapists are sent to prison for a long time. That is, unless the rapist is the husband of the victim – when it comes to “spousal rape,” the penalties [...]

6:45 pm Aug 2005

CSI: Phoenix

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No. It’s not another spin-off of the popular CBS series. This is a story about real cops doing real work in the real world. As you’ll see, it isn’t as glamorous as it is on TV, but the men and women of Phoenix PD’s crime scene unit take pride in [...]