Arizona has another awful distinction–it’s one of only TWO states in the nation that does not prohibit texting while driving.

Not because Tucson Democratic Senator Steve Farley hasn’t been trying–for nearly a decade! But every year when he introduces the bill (which 44 other states have passed since he began, joining those already smart enough to see the need) he’s been blocked by Gilbert Republican Andy Biggs, who says blocking this bill does not mean he’s in favor of texting–oh how he protests, claiming Arizona already has enough traffic laws.

He’s just wrong, and he’s just bullheaded, and whatever other faults he has, he’s imposing them on Arizona, where families who have lost loved ones to texting-while-driving accidents are BEGGING for this law.

Including the family of DPS Officer Tim Huffman, killed while a truck driver was texting and watching porno on his cellphone in 2013.

It takes no genuis to see why texting while driving is incredibly unsafe–and a danger to anyone within range of that idiot. Just ask any of the state instructors for the mandatory classes you must take if you’re caught speeding. (This I know from personal experience!)

In my class, I learned that using your cell phone while driving impaired you just as much, if not more, than DRUNK DRIVING. And that was when the phone was at your ear and your eyes were actually on the road. Imagine the danger when your eyes are OFF the road because they’re busy watching the letters appear on the text!

And no, existing law doesn’t cover it. Just ask defense attorneys who cite the lack of such a law in defending drivers who kill others while texting–including the attorney for the truck driver who killed DPS Officer Tim Huffman.

I don’t know why Andy Biggs is so dense. But I do know this: he’s a danger to Arizona.